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Crossposted meme

I finally got a Dreamwidth account because I got sick of the OpenID. I'm [info - personal] parallactic at DW; they didn't have the username I really wanted.

Here's a meme to see if I got the crossposted entries done correctly.

Ask me my fannish Top Five [Whatevers]. Any top fives. Doesn't matter what, really! Some people have come up with some creative ones. And I will answer them all in a new post.


More diverse YA

  1. Oyate needs our help. What is Oyate?

    Oyate is a Native organization working to see that our lives and histories are portrayed honestly, and so that all people will know our stories belong to us. For Indian children, it is as important as it has ever been for them to know who they are and what they come from. For all children, it is time to know and acknowledge the truths of history. Only then will they come to have the understanding and respect for each other that now, more than ever, will be necessary for life to continue.

    The great Lakota leader, Tatanka Iotanka—Sitting Bull—said, “Let us put our minds together and see what life we will make for our children.” The great Cuban revolutionary, José Martí, said, “We work for children because children know how to love, because children are the hope of the world.” Our work is to nurture in our children a sense of self and community. Our hope is that they will grow up healthy and whole.

    Our work includes critical evaluation of books and curricula with Indian themes, conducting of “Teaching Respect for Native Peoples” workshops and institutes; administration of a small resource center and reference library; and distribution of children’s, young adult, and teacher books and materials, with an emphasis on writing and illustration by Native people.

    Our hope is that by making many excellent books available to encourage many more, especially from Native writers and artists. Oyate, our organiztion’s name, is the Dakota word for people. It was given to us by a Dakota friend.

    Oyate has been offered a generous grant that will help them do a major website overhaul. Information on the grant is available right there on there website. Now, when popelizbetposted about how close they were to their goal I thought, "That's not that much to raise if we boost the signal loud enough." So, I'm making a small donation ($10) and I'm asking you if you're reading this to make a small donation too. $1. $5. Whatever you can afford. And if you can't afford to donate? Can you boost the signal? Post this on your blog. Email the link to friends and family. Tell a coworker that you know would be willing to help. Whatever. Just boost it until enough people hear it to close the gap. Thank you for being amazing and doing a good thing.

    Send a check to: Oyate, 2702 Mathews St., Berkeley, CA 94702

    Call in your donation to: 510-848-6700

    Fax your donation to: 510-848-4815

    Donate through Network for Good:

    Cut and pasted from doctoreon's post here.

    They need to raise the money by Saturday, August 1.

  2. sparkymonster's YA Books with People of Color and Whitewashed Covers. It's got an explanation of the current bookcover racefail, recommended reading, and a link roundup to other resources.

It's nternational Blog Against Racism Week. For more details, go to the ibarw or refer to the explanatory post. IBARW has motivated me to finish writing up some old posts.

When I read fic off of fanfiction.net I generally know what I'm getting into. Reading off ff.net can be a wild crap shoot where you have to put more effort into making sure the fic meets minimum standards of readability, or is just so bad it's entertaining. Some writers have a tendency towards purple prose, and wax poetic about mood-changing emerald amethyst sparkly eye orbs.

This isn't a post about writing styles, purple prose, how much ff.net sucks, or bad/immature writers. This is about what the purple prose, or any type of prose, describes. Namely, skin color.

Hellsing is an anime/manga series set in London about Lovecraftian and Stoker-based vampires, not-so-secret vampire extermination organizations, ghouls, crazy Vatican priests, bigass weaponry resurrected Nazis attacking London, and gruesome battles.

Cut for pic and length.Collapse )

On a more constructive note, here's Lorem Ipsum's link roundup post on Describing Characters of Color.

I've been aware for a while now of the penchant that many white writers have for using food metaphors to describe brown skin colors. But what I haven't often seen is a good discussion of how to do it better. (I vaguely think there's a discussion of this in Writing the Other, but my copy is packed away at the moment.)

Not More Imaginary Than Unicorns

  1. racebending has an Avatar's Quick Reference Archive for a handy reference on what's wrong with the AtLA movie's casting. It's got stuff on the Asian cultures and Inuit culture influence on the worldbuilding, the history of yellowface and Hollywood racism, and key quotes from AtLA's production staff.

  2. Seeking Avalon makes interesting points in her post, White Ignorance + Racism:

    Avatar: The Last Airbender (the animated show), has Inuit and Japanese and Chinese and Korean and South Asian (East Indian) culture, big and bold in dress, food, language, martial arts and architecture. But if you're ignorant of those cultures, of that food, of that language of that architecture, if you've only ever seen it depicted as a fantasy land (ghetto) where white characters run around and save the day - then how would you ever know it was REAL?

    How would you, theoretical white person, know that armor design, that sword move, that parka (that atiqik) is real? How would you know that hairstyle, that blade, those shoes, are real? How would you know the artwork reflected something real? The art style of the show itself, reflected something real?

  3. On a brighter note, the Carl Brandon Society started a new wiki! It's supposed to be a resource for anything related to PoC and the speculative fiction (fantasy, scifi, horror, magical realism) field, meaning literature, comics, movies, tv shows, etc. Poke around, see if you want to start a page for a favorite character of color, or PoC creator.

To sell your love for peace

Three things on romance, because three is enough to put random topics in one post.

  1. thelittlebang, a challenge comm for femslash fanfic with complementary art and vids, now has submissions rolling in. Check the fanworks masterlist on the profile page for things you might be interested in. There's fic for things you only need a general familiarity with like fairytales and Arthurian legend.

  2. (Hetero) Male Romance in Avatar: the Last Airbender :
    I thought my first post on AtLA would be a rant about the series finale, a mention of race and the casting fail of the movie, a general squee post, or about Katara. But it ends up being about romance, because it's a shorter topic to cover. Okay, it makes me skeptical whenever I hear that romance is for women, and action is for men, and that the romance plot in action movies is for the girlfriends of the presumed straight male audience. I always had a suspicion that there are romances for men/boys, but it would look different than romances for women/girls. I couldn't think of any examples off the top of my head. But watching AtLA, Aang/Katara is like a textbook case of what hetero male romance looks like. One form of hetero male romance is about earning the girl's love/first date/hand in marriage/etc, trying to impress the girl and get her attention.

    Avatar's AU Short, School Time Shipping, is an example of what I mean. (It's non-spoilery.)

  3. Edna St. Vincent Millay's poem, Love is Not All, is the most romantic thing ever. It spans mundane and epic sentiments; a dry sense of humor threads together cynicism and idealism; it's sublimely bittersweet. It's, guh.

    Millay's poem behind the cut.Collapse )
AfterEllen, a website geared towards lesbian/bi content in Western (primarily United Statesian) media, is streaming Aoi Hana, a yuri anime. I never thought I'd see streaming anime be offered to a non-anime audience, let alone have niche yuri anime make the crossover.

Aoi Hana, a.k.a. Sweet Blue Flowers, is a slice-of-life drama about schoolgirls with a more realistic handling of girls' relationships, both friendships and romances. The manga art and paneling is gorgeous.

AfterEllen currently has the first episode up, and a review of the anime that explains yuri to newbies. You can get new episodes faster if you register on Crunchy Roll. There may be regional issues to viewing the anime, but I'm sure a google would turn up alternate ways to view it.

Lililicious has four volumes of the manga available free to download. Or you can go to Manga Fox to read the manga online.

Personally I prefer this kind of story in a manga format, but wanted to point out the availability of the anime.

Blog Topic Mash Up

Sometimes it's easier to talk about things that you don't have much to say. I can talk about my opinion about Merlin, but I have a hard time blogging about Avatar: the Last Airbender because it ate my brain.

1. Merlin:
Hearing all the Merlin squee and watching a few fanvids got me to check out 3.5 episodes. It helps that NBC is showing the eps in the U.S. So when does the cracktastic goodness, and/or femslashy vibes kick in? I also heard that there's lots of m/m slashy vibes, but so far Arthur makes me roll my eyes.

2. On Sampling Michael Jackson:
Yeah, I know it's been two weeks since his death. During the week following Jackson's death, a lot of blog posts went up about him, which led me to watching his music vids on YouTube. I knew some of his work, knew some stuff about him via cultural osmosis, wasn't a fan of his, but was still struck by how familiar some of his songs were. I finally figured out why-- a lot of musicians, especially hip hop artists, sampled Michael Jackson's songs. Oh, and his stuff in the Jackson 5.

3. Queerly Gen is a fic comm on DreamWidth that:

This community will be hosting a festival of gen fanworks featuring sexual and gender minority characters of all tasty flavors -- queer, trans, gay, lesbian, intersex, bisexual, genderqueer, questioning, flamingly ambiguous. Because when you get kicked out of one party, sometimes the best response is to go throw your own.

A cursory skim of the comm shows some interesting meta. Livejournal's lgbtfest has some genfic offerings featuring queer characters.
I haven't posted for a while, haven't looked at my f-list in a while. But while I was playing catch up, I came across redbrickrose's link to Buffy vs. Edward (Twilight Remixed), read her comments section, and wrote a reply that became a tl;dr about teenage girls and creepy vampire boyfriends, and meta I keep coming across that's started to bother me. And it's not just the vampire lover thing, I've also seen the creepy obsessive romance played out without the vampire boyfriend, with characters older than teenagers, in fanfic and original works, and in non-hetero romances. (I've seen it in m/m slash fanfic and yaoi/BL in shoujo manga and what little yaoi manga I've read, and run across it in some f/f works like yuri.)

What I wanted to expand upon was what redbrickrose wrote here:

Twilight is super creepy. There are things about Buffy that I feel like this video doesn't address - mostly her relationships with Spike and Angel and those were arguably kind of creepy at points, but Buffy is such a strong character and I do feel like this video just highlighted everything that was creepy about Edward/Bella because so much of it did read, to me, as the early stages of an abusive relationship.

You make good points, but the way I see it, Buffy's strength and Bella's weakness doesn't make much of a difference in how creepy the relationship is. Both stories contain teenage girls getting into relationships with stalkery vampire boyfriends, but in BtVS the power imbalance in the relationship isn't so big so the creepy stuff doesn't come off as so bad. Buffy's a superpowered fighter, Buffy sets boundaries, Angel and Spike eventually take steps to stop or make up for their behavior.

But the problems in the relationship are still there no matter how strong/confident/whatever Buffy (or any person) is, because one partner is still engaging in creepy stalking mofo behavior. My thing is that Buffy shouldn't have to happen to be a superpowered fighter, or set boundaries such as, "Don't hurt me or my friends, don't stalk me, don't try to control me with threats/violence/intimidation/head games," or assume responsibility for making sure Angel and Spike treat her with a minimum of decent behavior. The creepiness comes from the vampire boyfriends' problematic behavior, not how their girlfriends' react to it or whether the girl is strong or weak.

This may have started as a lengthy comment, but took on a life of its own when I decided to post this on my LJ. Here lies some serious tl;dr.Collapse )


On this edition of RaceFail 2009

RaceFail 2009 is like a circle of hell where you end up going round and round and getting nowhere. This could be because it's so big, it's hard to keep up with what's been going on. Thus, this post.

Previously... Read more...Collapse )


In the March edition of RaceFail 2009, we have Will S.[1] and Kathryn Cramer outing coffeeandink by linking her online alias to her legal name. They also made wild speculations about vom_marlowe and others.

vom_marlowe responds to Will S. here on her real background: Fucking Will Shetterly Insults Me and My Family.

coffeeandink wrote in RaceFail: Once More, with Misdirection:

Kathryn Cramer has been linking my LJ to my full name on wikis and in other people's blog comments and has repeatedly stated that my participation in RaceFail debates was an attempt to smear the Nielsen Haydens in grudgewank, even though I was involved in that discussion long before the Nielsen Haydens joined in, as is proved in numerous places, such as the dated entries in our own livejournals and in the well-documented and widely linked timeline of posts. Will Shetterly has been posting speculations about my family, my class, my history, and my political and personal beliefs that he has presented as fact, as well as repeatedly misrepresenting what I've said about him, failing to provide context to or links to what I've said, and claiming that I have taken his words out of context and not allowed him to represent himself, even though I have included links to his original words and to his later defense. He has also posted speculation about [info]deepad (even after apologizing and retracting his first statement), [info]veejane, [info]ithiliana, [info]vom_marlowe, and [info]icecreamempress. He posted my full name and LJ on his blog, even though I deliberately do not list my last name on my LJ.

coffeeandinkdescribes how she wants things NOT to be handled.

Links to evidence:

Since Cramer has been moving the links around, and redirecting the links to different sites, here are the posts that have taken screencaps, saved the evidence, and give a timeline or summary of the events. Read more...Collapse )

On Blogging Safely: Read more...Collapse )

Discussion links: Read more...Collapse )

My reaction: Read more...Collapse )

[1] Will S. has a tendency to google his own name, and respond to the posters. I do not want to engage with him, thus the altered name.

[2] Yes, I know that some SF/science-fiction fans' heads explode if you use scifi. I like the term because it's short, and isn't confused with other abbreviations. Deal with it.

RaceFail 2009 is making a come back.

rydra_wong has a links roundup on how W**l Sh*****ly and Kathryn Cramer have misrepresented, and outed some of the participants in RaceFail 2009.

For greater context, there's rydra_wong's Great Cultural Appropriation Debate of Doom 2009 tag.

. . .

One month is not long enough of a break to recover from RaceFail 2009 in January. February was a very short month. I was starting to look forward to March.

Koshonin: Ep 6 of 8

In episode 6, a man is murdered. This spurs Usagi to find out more about the case involving Mariya from five years ago, and about her past. It's angsty backstory time!

*MASSIVE SPOILERS* hit the bulls-eye every time.Collapse )

Koshonin: Ep 5 of 8

In episode 5, a rich teenage boy is kidnapped by his teacher. There's also backstory on Usagi's past, and what it might have to do with the psycho killer a.k.a. Mariya.

In Koshonin, laughing is a sign of a disturbed *MAJOR SPOILERS*.Collapse )

Koshonin (The Negotiator): Eps 3 & 4

I found out that Koshonin translates to "The Negotiator" in English. Previous posts on Koshonin are under the dorama::koshonin tag.

Episodes 3 and 4 are two parts of a story. A motion-sensing and activated bomb is planted in a cafe. I'm personally impressed at how the show gets around a low budget to make an action/suspense story. (Or maybe it's low budget compared to U.S.A. productions.)

Ep 3: Spoilers have staring matches with lions for lunch.Collapse )

Episode 4, or part two of the bomb plot.Collapse )

Koshonin: Ep 2 of 8

I posted an introduction to Koshonin. I also plan on writing up the episodes when I watch it, so check the tags.

In episode 2, a man holds up factory employees working on the weekend, in what SIT thinks is a copycat of the first episode's hostage situation. The hostage taker singles out Usagi to be the negotatior. Some plot twists follow. (I'm not sure why my summaries make this series sound like Srs Bizness. It's more in the ballpark of Alias, or Xena: Warrior Princess, or what you'd get if Silence of the Lambs was less violent, more low budget TV serial, and didn't take itself seriously.)

Highlights: Usagi is a combo of keen insight, blunt diplomacy, good observation skills, quick thinking with dedicated training, and combat skills. Her last name also means rabbit in Japanese.

Spoilers warn: Bunny has a gun.Collapse )

It takes some juggling to watch, pause in the middle, jot something down, and then keep watching. (I went back and fleshed out some of my points.)

5 Things Meme

Gotten from ranalore.

Comment on this post, and I'll tell you five things I associate with you. Then you can elaborate on your blog. If you want, you can also tell me five things you associate with me.

1. Queer as Folk
2. The ducks!
3. Chewy meta
4. The Hisoka drabbles
5. Kickass women

Ramble here, ramble there, ramble everywhere.Collapse )